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Book 2 is out! Surviving Orbit (the DIY Way) is about Testing the Limits Your Satellite Can and Must Match, only $2.50 (ebook) or $5 (print)! And get news & updates by joining


Mad scientist + Picosatellite Kit + Music = Project Calliope


Book 3 is sent to production! "DIY Instruments for Amateur Space" should be available in April. Book 2, Surviving Orbit (the DIY Way) is available and is about Testing the Limits Your Satellite Can and Must Match, only $2.50 (ebook) or $5 (print). Of course book 1, DIY Satellite Platforms, is still in print. I also posted my definitive history of Kickstarter-funded satellites.

Project Calliope is a home-built satellite, launcing in an eternal 'next year' to convert the ionosphere (where auroras occur) into sound so we can hear on Earth just how active space is.  The data will be sent down as MIDI data via amateur ham radio for anyone to hear, and we'll make it available to musicians as royalty-free MIDI tracks to use, reuse and remix into cool music.  I like the idea of flying something in space whose purpose is to make music until it dies-- music from science.

We're in a new space age-- be part of it.

Stay tuned!  When will we launch? Interorbital, the launch provider, is still testing rockets, and everything in rocket science time takes longer than expected. As a result, after a long hiatus where "Calliope version 1" sat assembled and waiting, I'm thinking of tuning up to make "Calliope version 2", because in the past 2 years there have been tremendous leaps in amateur satellites.

In some ways, the Calliope dream has come true even before I personally launch. People inspired by my efforts and other like-minded folks whose early worked paralleled mine are doing tremendous advances. Picosats are becoming a commodity, where the fundamental question is no longer "can you build one" but the much higher level question of "what will yours do?" So that's my question to you-- what will your satellite do?

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